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About me

Hello, I am Vallee/Val, you can refer to me using the pronouns “he” or “they” and their conjugations. I am just a random ass person who uses the internet just like you. I don’t know why exactly I made this account, I probably won’t ever use it.

I like video games, but I’ve not really had the drive to play much, recently. My favourite game is Minecraft, but only versions older than 12 years. I also like VRChat, It’s a nice way to connect with people, yet still have the barrier that my asocial self requires.

I like to mess with numbers and I will program from time to time. My favourite project I’ve made is a programming language I call Watnoxt.

mi sona e toki pona. tenpo sike 2020 la mi open kama sona. tenpo ale la mi awen kama sona. taso tenpo ni la mi sona suli e ona. sina sona e ona la o toki tawa mi!