Sam Tucker's Classic Hits [ALBUM]

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Coupled with the release of his hit single, Random Cat, Sam is proud to announce the launch of his debut album, Sam Tucker's Classic Hits!

Featuring the great songs from throughout his 4-year career on YouTube. Such as Fifa Song, Apple Music Parody, and who could forget, Carl, You Shut Up!

Get in touch with your groovy-side and get down to the FUNKIEST download available.

Featuring 12 of the finest songs on the internet:

  1. Random Dog
  2. Random Pig
  3. Random Cat
  4. Carl, You Shut Up!
  5. Carl, You Shut Up! (REMIX)
  6. Apple Music Parody
  7. Fake Piano Improv (aka, Bob)
  8. Raindrops on a Shattered Mirror
  9. Can't Find Internet
  10. Fifa Song
  12. Google Comments Fiasco Flamenco

Plus 2 BONUS free tracks

And all for the lowest price available on the internet.