How do I Create a FUNK ACCOUNT?

To post in the forums and be awesome, you need a FUNK ACCOUNT. Don't worry, It's Simple!

Click on FUNK ACCOUNT in the top right

Funk Account

Then click "Create FUNK ACCOUNT

Create Funk Account

Put in your details and "Create Account"

Funk Account Details

Well done, you now have a FUNK ACCOUNT and can post in the forums!

How do I Change my Name in the Forums?

Changing your name is, you guessed it, SIMPLE!

Click on FUNK ACCOUNT (log in if you aren't already)

Funk Account

Then click on "Edit Account"

Account Page

And change your name / email there!

*Note: The forum uses your Default name as your Username in the forums. So, if you change your name to an awesome username for the forums, you can still get orders delivered to your real name by adding a secondary address in your account.

How do I Change my Avatar?

Want to stand out in the forums with your own avatar?! Well it's... sort of simple!

The site uses Gravatar, for its account pictures. So all you have to do is sign up on Gravatar with the same email you used to create a FUNK ACCOUNT, and upload your picture there :D

So, start by going to Gravatar and clicking "Create Your Own Gravatar"

Gravatar Website

Then sign up to Gravatar using the same email you used to create a FUNK ACCOUNT

Gravatar Sign Up

Activate your account with the email they send you

Gravatar Activate Account

Click "Sign in to Gravatar"

Sign in to Gravatar

Click "Add a new image"

Manage Gravatars

Then upload your avatar from there!! It's Simple!

**Note: If you change your FUNK ACCOUNT email on, you may need to add that email to your Gravatar account to get your custom avatar back.