How To VLOG in Public

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Vlogging looks so easy when you watch people like Casey Niestat and Tobuscus do it. When you try it yourself though, you soon realise you have to fight an ingrained urge not to look like a total knob in public. So here's some tips to get you started!

Key Points

  • VLOG in an open space so you can keep moving (and escape if you do something embarrassing)
  • Pick a spot with lots of activity so people don't focus on you
  • Go to a YouTube meet up where other people are vlogging too
  • Pick a secluded spot in a public park during the day
  • Just voice-over your footage in editing if you're uncomfortable talking to a camera in public

Sam's Secret

Unless you're very confident and extroverted, vlogging comfortably in public just takes practice. The more you do it, the less you'll worry about the people around you, and the more you'll focus on what you're doing and the people who'll be seeing the video on YouTube.

People might look at you weird, but that's temporary. Do it for the Vine! I mean, the Vlog!