How To Stay Ad-Friendly

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Here's some easy tips to keep the money coming in, even if you cover controversial topics, or four-letter words.

Key Points

  • First of all, appeal any claims that you believe are unjust (i.e. if you are covering a controversial topic as a news channel or parody)
  • When in doubt, check YouTube's vague guidelines
  • Remove controversial words (eg. gun, death, isis) from your title and tags to trick... I mean, not wrongly alarm YouTube's demonetising robots
  • Secure some integrated sponsorships on sites like Famebit
  • Sell your own products or try crowdfunding
  • Or one of the many other ways to monetise your videos, outside of YouTube ads!

Sam's Secret

Advertisers can be very fickle and don't want to be associated with potentially controversial topics or creators. Heck, even if they wanted to, YouTube will no longer let them. So to avoid another adpocalypse scenario, or to if you just like using your naughty words, make sure to fin other sources of income. Luckily, I've outlined a whole bunch here! You're welcome ;D