How To Record an Infinite White Background

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An infinite white background can give your videos the a modern and professional look, even if the rest of your house / studio is a mess!

Key Points

  • Hang up a bed sheet or any large white fabric on a stand or on your wall with hooks
  • If you already have a white wall, you can just use that
  • Wrinkles in your sheet can cause shadows and ruin the illusion
  • Wrinkles in your wall... could cause your house to fall down
  • Iron the wrinkles out of the sheet (easier to do vertically with a handheld steam machine)
  • Have one set of lights to illuminate the background evenly
  • Have another set of lights to illuminate you
  • Important to have 2 sets of lights to stop shadows
  • Import the clip into your video editor and crank up the highlights! (in the brightness settings)

Infinite White Background Set Up Diagram

Unlike when you're setting up a Green Screen, you won't need a backlight to seperate yourself from the background. That's because the background is already to bright, any extra light from behind and you'll start to blend into it!

Sam's Secret

Infinite white backgrounds just demonstrate how you can get professional-looking shots, no matter what your home or office looks like, and for relatively cheap. I used to record a lot of my videos (including corporate ones) in a crummy old shack. But because I used green screens and white backgrounds, you could never tell!