How To Make Money on YouTube

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There are so many more ways to monetise your videos than just ad-revenue alone. And most of them pay a lot better too!

Key Points

  • First of all, monetise your videos with AdSense! (In your YT Creator Studio)
  • Add a business email to your About page, for brands to contact you
  • Find brands yourself to work with on sites like Famebit and Reelio
  • Put affiliate links to products you talk about in the description (Amazon Associates)
  • Also try applying for Audible's affiliate program
  • Consider licensing your videos (beware not to give up your copyright... rights!)
  • Some licensing websites include Rumble and NewsFlare
  • Sell merchandise easily and for free with sites like Spreadshirt
  • Get your music on iTunes and Spotify with services like DistroKid
  • Open an online store and sell your own products! (Like me)
  • Offer your fans extra content in exchange for support on Patreon


Sam's Secret

The biggest secret is to diversify! You can't rely on one source of income, especially when starting out. The infamous YouTube adpocalypse devastated creator's adsense income (including mine). Affiliate rates can change. Even hardcore fans on Patreon have to prioritise paying their bills before paying yours (crazy, right?). So use as many of these revenue streams as you can. And with any luck, it may just add up to a liveable income... eventually.