How To Make Great Thumbnails EASY

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When your video pops up in someone's recommended feed, beat out the competition with a bright / exciting thumbnail. You gotta fight for them clicks!

Key Points

  • Take a screenshot of the most exciting part of your video
  • Load it into a photo-editor (like Pixelmator or Photoshop)
  • Zoom out to get an idea how it will look on the website (usually small)
  • Boost the brightness and contrast so it pops!
  • Add clear and legible text
  • Put branding in the thumbnail (your face, logo, consistent font)

Sam's Secret

People (like me) are lazy. And we are more likely to read text if it is in a photo (just think of all those memes you see on Twitter and Facebook). So try to give people a full idea about what your video is about, by just looking at the thumbnail.

Have a clear, relevant and exciting screenshot, with big text. It has to pop out at very small sizes.