How To Make an Apple Parody

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New Apple products are a heavenly gift for comedy / tech channels. As it provides us with amazing and innovative... easy views! 

Key Points

  • Wait for the next big Apple event
  • Read about the new products features on Apple's website
  • Also watch the Apple videos
  • Pick the key interesting and innovative features
  • Then pick them apart!
  • If you can't think of anything clever to say, then just make it sound sexual
  • Use an Infinite White background if you can
  • Otherwise record on Green Screen and turn it into white in the editing
  • Release the video as soon as you can, while people are searching for it
  • Talk off to the side (as if to someone off camera)
  • Include some Apple shots and music, done!

Sam's Secret

Speed is crucial. Make sure to plan ahead for when the next big announcement is, so that you can dedicate your time on that day to release the parody (if possible). This is because so many people will be searching for information on that product on release, and you really want to cash in on as much of that traffic as you can.

Also, to stand out from the crowd, try to go a step beyond the obvious joke that other most other channels go for. And of course, don't watch any other parody before you complete your own, so you won't be influenced.