How To Make an '00's Apple Ad

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Take a step back in time to when the iPod was king and have fun with this 00's Apple Ad tutorial. If you master this one, you will be a green screen pro!

Key Points

  • Set up a Green Screen
  • Get a deck of cards
  • A cheap pair of blue earbuds
  • And blue paper
  • Wrap the deck of cards in the paper
  • Stick one end of the earbuds into the box
  • Record yourself dancing in front of the green screen with the blue "iPod"
  • Import the footage into a video editor
  • Copy and paste the same clip, one after the other
  • Key out the blue colour in one of the clips, invert the key and max the exposure (see video)
  • Key out the green in the second clip and zero out the exposure (see video
  • You now have 2 clips. One with a white iPod, and one with a black silhouette
  • Drag the white iPod clip over the black silhouette clip
  • Add music and a solid background colour

Sam's Secret

Don't forget that anything green in your video will be invisible. Which is great! Because you could have someone wearing green holding a blue prop, and it would look like it's floating. Or a whole bunch of other imaginative stuff.

Great Examples