How To Make a How To Video

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In ancient times, respected elders shared their knowledge by the campfire. Today, any old dishcloth can do it with their smartphone. Set yourself apart from this riff-raff and get subscribers with quality How To's!

Key Points

  • Start with what you want to teach people
  • Think about the steps and main points you'll have to make during the video
  • Add flavour to each tip by putting in a joke or anecdote
  • Make sure to write a script, or at least an outline
  • Edit things tight and make it snappy
  • Include backing music as it makes your video seem more interesting than it actually is
  • Don't forget the secret... which is adding a secret at the end ;)
  • The secret should be a unique tip that ties everything together or adds insight into the topic
  • When all else fails, a star wipe can get you out of most situations

Sam's Secret

There is so much incredible information available on YouTube. Unfortunately, a lot of it is hidden behind 10 minutes of repetitive, unguided waffling. Don't fall into this trap!

Stand out from the crowd and make your how to's snappy and to the point. It's as easy as having a script (or at least an outline) beforehand, and editing out any unnecessary bits.

People will be thankful for the breath of fresh air and are more likely to subscribe for more.