How To Make a Draw My Life Video

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Whether you can draw or not, Draw My Life videos can help tell your personal story and connect better with your fans. 

Key Points

  • Start thinking about yourself (this comes easier to some than others)
  • Write a list of the big events that shaped your life
  • Then structure them into a chronological narrative (the story of your life, in order)
  • Try to think of recurring themes that build up to some ultimate conclusion
  • Or... just write a bunch of sad stuff
  • Now that you have your story, record the voice over into a mic
  • Storyboard what you're going to draw
  • Set up a white board with some lights
  • If you can't set up a camera overhead, then film from the opposite end of the table and flip the image in editing
  • Import the audio and edit out your mistakes and pauses
  • Then add the video, speeding it up and down to match what you're saying
  • Finally, add an overly dramatic soundtrack underneath


Sam's Secret

Don't be afraid to get real. Actually, be very afraid, but do it anyway. The whole point of doing a Draw My Life video is to be vulnerable and open up to your audience. From experience, people will appreciate the honesty and some will really relate to your story.