How To Green Screen On the Cheap

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Using a green screen is one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to make a myriad of professional-looking videos. With a green screen and some imagination, you can anything!

Key Points

  • Get a big green sheet or cloth at a fabric store
  • The colour doesn't have to be exact, close enough is good enough
  • Hang the fabric on the wall with hooks, tape or nails (anything!)
  • Get hold of at least 3 lights
  • Have at least 2 lights in front pointing at you
  • The third light goes behind as a backlight (helps seperate you from green screen)
  • Diffuse the lights with baking paper or white sheets (careful if they get too hot!)
  • Stand far enough away from green screen so you don't cast a strong shadow
  • Don't wear green or have any green props (it will turn invisible!)
  • Import your footage into your video editing software
  • Apply the "Keying" or "Chroma Key" effect
  • Now you can replace your background with anything!

Green Screen Cheap Set Up Diagram

If you want to go a little more professional, get a couple more lights to light the green screen separately. It's similar to how you would set up an Infinite White Background, but with a backlight for yourself.

Sam's Secret

Software capable of using green screen (or chroma keying) doesn't have to cost you the world. If you own an Apple Mac, try out iMovie for free! If you're on Windows, OBS can record your green screen scene live, but it can be complicated. I would recommend checking out Filmora for only a few bucks. Very user friendly, plenty of tutorials on their site and works on both Windows and Mac.

BONUS CLASS: How To Edit on the Cheap (Using Filmora) coming soon