How To Get Views on YouTube

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Getting views on YouTube can seem like a mystery! But if you're ever disheartened by low the view-count on one of your videos, you can always cheat the system with a tried and true method: a cat!

Key Points

  • Have a cute cat or animal in your video
  • Feature them in the thumbnail

Sam's Secret

Okay, this lesson was a bit of fun. But the real key is to focus on your thumbnail and titles. If you're already making quality content on relevant topics, then the reason people aren't clicking your video, is because the thumbnail / title isn't enticing enough.

Make sure your title is clear, includes keywords, and is exciting. And if your topic is truly interesting, you don't need to "fool" people with clickbait. Be honest, but compelling.

How To Fake Piano Skills

For example: "How To Fake Piano Skills, Play Without Knowing How" is more exciting (and just as truthful) as something dull like "Explaining the Pentatonic Scale and it's Applications for Piano"

Check out How To Make Great Thumbnails for tips in that area.