How To Get Great Ideas For Videos

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With YouTube demanding more and more fresh content, it can seem easy to run out of ideas. But after making literally hundreds of videos, I really believe that with a little bit of clarity and inspiration, you got at least another... two or three in you!

Heck, if all else fails, just make a sequel of one of your previous vids.

Key Points

  • First, clear your head with a long walk or relaxing shower
  • Look through your comments suggestions and ask viewers what they'd like to see
  • Make a sequel / follow-up of one of your most popular videos
  • Check the trending tab and news to see big topics you can cover

Sam's Secret

I used to avoid videos like gameplays, commentaries and vlogs. Because I thought they lacked the effort and creativity that my scripted parodies had. However, YouTube tends to favour this type of content right now because of the regularity it can be produced and their high overall watchtime (compared to shorter videos).

But then I figured "what if I did it, my way". And now my regular Honest Unboxings series, where i take a fun look at new and interesting tech, is one of my most popular.

So if you prefer making this type of longer-form, conversational, content, go for it! YouTube loves it. But if you're like me and mainly do shorter scripted videos, I really recommend finding a way to work one of these longer / easier videos into your schedule. It will really help your channel and viewers will appreciate the extra content.