How To Get 50k Subscribers

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Okay, you've watched the lesson on How To Get Your First Subscribers. Now get ready to take the next step, to your first 50,000!

Key Points

  • Piggy-back on popular topics in your niche (like Apple releases for a tech channel) and make videos about that, in your unique style
  • Forge a strong community by featuring comments, replying to comments and interacting with your audience in fun ways
  • Consider deepening that relationship by sharing a deeper side with a Draw My Life video
  • Keep learning and improving your craft by... watching other videos in this course!
  • Hang in there baby, it's gonna be a long ride


Sam's Secret

Remember, when you see someone rise to fame on YouTube, you usually only see their success. And it might look easy for them, or unfair that your not getting to that level sooner. But what you don't see are the years of hard-work and heartache that they went through to get to that point.

I hope your journey is shorter than mine (and hopefully with this course it will be), but the biggest secret I can give to anyone seeking success, is persistence. Yes keep learning and improving yourself, but get ready to do it for years and years until you finally "make it".