How To Edit

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Filming a YouTube video is just half the story, now it's time to edit it into a piece of art! (The other halves also include writing, uploading, promoting, thumbnails, commenting... hmmm, there's a lot of halves to a YouTube video).

Key Points

  • Plug your camera directly into your computer, or use its SD card
  • Open up your editor and import your footage from your camera / SD card
  • Find where the editor saved your clips and drag the first one into the timeline
  • Decide where in the timeline you want the clip to start and end, then trim it by dragging it in from the sides (shortening it)
  • Then drag your next shot into the timeline after it, and trim that one
  • Add transitions if you like (highly recommend star-wipes)
  • Apply special effects to give them flavour
  • Titles can be dragged on top of clips to play over them
  • Plug in a mic and look for the "record voiceover" option for... recording voiceovers
  • Import music and drag it into the timeline under your clips (edit volume if needed)
Beginner Windows Movie Maker iMovie
Intermediate Filmora iMovie
YouTube Pro Adobe Premiere Pro Final Cut Pro X

Sam's Secret

YouTube is just full of tutorials showing you the ins-and-outs of different editing software. As well as different editing techniques. Including colour grading and pacing. But it can sometimes seem like too much.

So I recommend watching just enough to get started with the basics. And when you don't know how to do something, look that one up specifically, and keep going.

That way you're actually getting experience using the software and developing your editing technique. Which is fun and helps you learn faster!