How To Avoid Copyright Strikes

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"Ah, copyright strikes could ruin my channel!!" Don't worry. Unless you're blatantly ripping off someone else's content, you should be fine. Follow these tips to keep your channel safe.

Key Points

  • First of all, try to use as much of your own material as possible, and avoid using other clips
  • Make sure any copyrighted material you do use is as short as possible
  • Only use it if you're specifically commenting on it
  • Or if you are making a parody of it
  • When in doubt, check YouTube's Fair Use Guidelines
  • If you do get a claim, and you believe it is wrong, then you can file a dispute
  • Again, only do this if you are sure and have read YouTube's Fair Use Guidelines
  • Clearly state why you believe your clip is covered under fair use
  • Quote the relevant sections of the Fair Use Guidelines and how it applies to your video


Sam's Secret

Do not use music clips. Full stop. Or at least don't expect to be able to monetise your videos if you do. Now that's copyrighted music by the way. Feel free to use royalty free music provided in the YouTube Audio Library, or from other services like Audioblocks.

Hot tip: If you really want to use copyrighted music, and don't care about monetising your video. Then just check that song's copyright policy to see what will happen to it, and decide whether to just go for it!