Better than a cryptocurrecy!

What is FUNK COIN?

FUNK COIN is the future of money. It is better than a cryptocurrency, because you can actually buy FUNKY stuff from our store with it. Best of all, you can only buy FUNKY stuff from our store with it!

How do I get FUNK COIN?

You earn FUNK COIN simply by purchasing goods in the store, or by the grace of POPE SAMTIME. You can see your current FUNK COIN levels on your account page.

What are FUNK COINS worth?

Unlike the crazy booms and crashes of Bitcoin, your FUNK COIN will have a nice steady value.

You will earn 1 FUNK COIN for each AUD$1 spent in the store (sometimes more during special occasions). Also FUNKY PATRIOTS on Patreon and Twitch earn bonus FUNK COIN multipliers!

Do FUNK COINS expire?

Yes. To ensure the bustling economic success of SAMBABWE, FUNK COINS expire after 24 months.

Can I trade or sell my FUNK COINS?

FUNK COINS can only be spent in our store. They are non-refundable and can't be transferred between accounts. This is to protect the security of our FUNKCHAIN technology from the United States of Ben.

Is FUNK COIN a cryptocurrency?

No. FUNK COIN is not a cryptocurrency. It can only be earned and spent within our store. Which makes it far superior to actual "cryptocurrencies", since you can actually do something with it.

How Do I Link my Patreon / Twitch Subscriber account?

FUNKY PATRIOTS pledging on Patreon or subscribing through Twitch can link their accounts thusly:


"In FUNK we trust"