FUNK CARD Photo Submission


Greetings privileged traveller to this wondrous and top secret webpage. You have been bestowed the great honour of becoming a FUNK CARD in the greatest trading card game in the world. How cool!

To submit your photo and card suggestion, please watch the instructional video above, then read the guidelines below, and fill out the Photo Submission Form below that (with the password you should have received when notified about this page).


Photo should...

  • Be clear and crisp
  • Best quality you can
  • You should be the main focus of the picture
  • Try to look epic, stoic or generally bad-ass!
  • Take it outside, or somewhere well-lit that doesn't look like your bedroom or kitchen
  • Maybe get a friend to help take some shots
  • Wear a mask or take a photo of your epic pet if you don't want your face visible
  • Submit it as a JPG file under 5MB
  • Have fun!

Must not have...

  • Logos
  • Nudity
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Offensive hand-gestures

Remember, you are going to be in an actual trading card game and in the hands of a bajillion people, so make sure you're looking as fly as possible!

Submission Form

[powr-form-builder id=1b2fe9da_1473642177]

Great Examples

Michael, Jez & King Greg took great snaps! Both look hardcore and are clearly the main focus of the image.

Swamp Fog Adventurer

JezKing Greg