Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Hey Monkeys, here are the 4 GOLDEN RULES to a happy FUNKY FORUM. As decreed by the wise and benevolent dictator, POPE SAMTIME :D

1. Post in the Relevant Channel

Make sure you post in the relevant channel (eg. Games, Movies, etc.). Not everything belongs in General ;D

2. No Spam

Save spam for your lunch! No posting pointless stuff, like threads called "eh" and "derp".

3. Nothing Naughty

Surprising, but no one wants to see your nudes :O And no malicious links or bullying.

4. Say "hi", Don't Self Promote

Are you awesome? Good! let us know in the "Introduce Yourself" thread on the Community News channel. Don't just post a new thread linking to your YouTube channel, etc.

The just and handsome POPE SAMTIME would like to thank you for your co-operation.
Any violation of these rules may result in instant exile.


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