FEATS OF FUNK is a special initiative to spread the word of the SAMTIME YouTube channel and give you a chance to be a card in our upcoming FUNK CARDS trading card game!

How do I enter?

Simply spread the message of FUNK and the SAMTIME channel in your own fun and unique way!

  • You could photo-bomb a news crew with “Subscribe to SAMTIME’ or “Embrace the FUNKY”!!
  • You could hide the channel URL in your classmate’s lockers!
  • You could declare your own “POPE WEEK” holiday and binge on videos with your family!

Each month leading up to the game's release, a FUNKY LEGEND will be picked to become a card.

How do I submit my FEAT OF FUNK?!

Post your FEATS OF FUNK to social media!

Set it to public, with one of these hashtags so we can find it:

  • #FeatsOfFUNK
  • #SpreadTheFUNK
  • #EmbraceTheFUNKY

Or submit your FEATS OF FUNK in the form below make sure we get it:

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